1st Arbroath Guides took the opportunity to apply for both Generation CashBack and Generation CashBack Microgrant funding and have been awarded funding from both. 

 A total of £1,128 was awarded from the Generation CashBack Microgrant and girls in the unit received the following:

Ruby  - £300 to buy a cricut machine and tools/ materials.

Imogen - £228 to buy camera, case, storage card and attend online photography course.

Katie - £300 for two instalments of National Scout and Guide.

Skye - £300 to attend art classes and buy materials.

 The unit was also awarded an amazing £1,994 from Generation CashBack. This will be used to buy new equipment for camping, the Guide Hall and Garden area. 

 Congratulations to them all. Just goes to show that it’s worthwhile applying for these grants. Thank you to Jennifer Tonks for  encouraging and helping them apply. We look forward to hearing and seeing how they got on at a later date.