We asked some of our volunteers about their Guiding Story and this is what they had to say.

Sam Redpath - a Brownie Leader from Montrose

My Guiding Journey started when Rainbows first opened up in Montrose. I was 6 ½ and one of the first to make my promise. I carried on through to guides, where I had a wee break and came back as a young leader. I did my Leadership Qualification and took over 1st Ferryden Brownie unit from my mum, who was the Brown Owl at the time. I stopped Guiding when I had my first child.

In 2010 whilst at the school gates, a parent approached me about reopening Brownies as it had closed a few years ago and their daughters were on the waiting list.

And so my Guiding adventure began again, reopening the unit. I am currently loving being the Leader with a fantastic team to work with, and have recently become District PR Adviser, not something I ever thought I would do, however I am loving the challenge!

Through Guiding I have made lots of fantastic friends, challenged myself to try new things, been given some amazing opportunities and most importantly experience first hand how Guiding has a positive impact on girls lives. It really makes me happy.

I am lucky enough to now share my Guiding life with my older daughter, who loves Rainbows and all the opportunities it brings -my youngest daughter can’t wait to start!

Janine Millar - a Brownie Leader from Carnoustie

I have been involved in Guiding since i was a Brownie at the age of 7 and now years on I am the leader of 1st Barry Brownies. This is a role I love!  I am now working with Ruth McQueen to lead Carnoustie & District team, where we are working to develop and promote Girlguiding locally. 

i was a very quiet and shy girl but Guiding has helped build my confidence and develop into the person i am today.  Through learning transferrable life long skills throughout my Guiding journey, this has helped me greatly with in my career.

I have been given endless opportunities through Girlguiding that i would never otherwise have had the opportunity to do.  This includes "my mountain top moment" where as part of Girlguiding's Centenary year, I attended the Centenary Camp at Harewood House where I met Guides from all over the world. It was one of the most amazing experiences i have had - the most important thing of it being, that the girls and all involved had a great time.

I intend to continue in Guiding for many years to come and I look forward to enhancing girls lives, in the way mine was.   

I love when you see the girls smiling and having fun - thats when i realise how great Girlguiding is and why I love being a leader!

Liz Forbes - a Guide Leader from Montrose & County PR Adviser

I joined Girlguiding in 2012 after watching my own daughter’s journey through Girlguiding and witnessing the positive impact it had on her and other girls.

I was asked to help out (as a parent helper) at an event called ‘Adventure 2012’ – where 100’s of guides from all over Scotland had the opportunity to experience a myriad of adventurous activities including gorge walking, abseiling; dry slope skiing and much more.

It was inspiring to see what the girls got out of the event – trying something new, making new friends, overcoming challenges and being proud of their achievements.

So what's in it for me?

If I ever though I knew what I would get out being a member – I was wrong – I seriously underestimated that aspect. New friendships; new skills and qualifications; new experiences; opportunities to travel; watch girls have fun and blossom, and being part of a world-wide organisation that delivers all this! It is more rewarding than I had ever anticipated and difficult to convey in just a few words.