The Girlguiding Angus Events team is here to help organise events that all our members can enjoy. This includes the challenge and adventure that the outdoors has to offer.

Girlguiding events can include indoor activity days, residential events to find out about international opportunities, events to help celebrate World Thinking Day and outdoor adventures such as large scale camps and Rainbow Fun Days. Events like these are amongst the greatest adventures we can give our girls and they help create memories that can last a lifetime. The Events team meet regularly to plan and run events that will benefit our members, give them fun experiences and help unit leaders who may not be able to offer such events themselves.

The events team is made up of our section advisers plus our music adviser and outdoor experts including the Outdoor Activities adviser who is responsible for monitoring residential events in the county and who sits on the county management committee.

Events for the girls and for leaders will be advertised on the Girlguiding Angus website and Facebook page as well as the more traditional route of via your Commissioner.

Carol Edwards

Outdoor Activities Adviser